Hearing Aids

By David

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To the CBBF & OIF:

I am so grateful to the CBBF & O.I. Foundation for the Impact Grant used for the purchase of new hearing aids.  My last set of hearing aids were more than 5 years old and about at the end of their quality of use.  Voices were beginning to be muffled, the T.V. was too loud, I was frustrating friends, family and co-workers by continuously asking “what”?

I am now 62 years old. I have been teaching reading, and literature to K-12 students at a small private school in Tucson, Arizona for the past 38 years. I am dependent on hearing aids to be successful in my job. I work mostly with 5-7 year olds as they are beginning to read, and older students who struggle with reading.

As soon as I received my new aids yesterday, I noticed an enormous difference.  People spoke louder and clearer.  I scrambled for the T.V. remote to turn down the volume. I didn’t know that the cooler made a noise! It was easier to talk on the phone. I can hardly wait for the students, teachers and parents to return. This grant has impact not only my life, but everyone around me.


Mary Jane Cera

See the full thank you note here Mary Jane Cera – thank you