First Time Conference Attendee

By David

Alanna Fannin 4

Dear CBBF & OIF,

I wanted to write to say thank you. My apologies for not sending sooner. Lil Miss Zacarri has had a full plate lately, with a surgery and two fractured femurs.  Also a PAM Treatment, we are also scheduling two other surgeries. However, when we were selected for the Impact Grant, I cried, it was a very emotional day. I was thankful and excited. I applied for the 2014 Indianapolis OI Confernce, due to knowing minimal information about OI. Zacarri is the first in both sides of the family to have OI. I was able to attend different seminars to make mysef aware of different things, surgeries, equipment ect. I met quite a few people that keeps in touch even after the conference.  I was lucky enough also to meet a woman with OI that lives very close by my house. She visits and has attended ortho appointments with me. She has helped me explain my concerns to her doctors. These people are a huge part of our lives and have became an extended family and support system. I bounce ideas and concerns with them, and this was something I was trying to do alone. As I had never heard of OI before my daughter was born. My family supports me, but they know as little if not less than I know. I am greatful and happy that we received the Impact Grant as it has gave us the opportunity to meet people with the same issues and views we see and deal with on a daily basis. Without the grant I wouldn’t have met th many wonderful people who now help me with decisions about care and support me through the tough fracturing moments. We are blessed to have received the gift of the impact grant.


Alanna & Zacarri