First Time Conference Attendee #3

By David

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We would like to THANK EVERYONE involved with the CBBF & OI Foundation for our eternal gift we received when we were chosen to receive an Impact Grant. DREAM BIG, is exactly what we were doing when I submitted our application asking for help so my family could attend the OI conference in Indianapolis this year. Without this grant we would have never been able to attend.

We were blessed to be chosen for the Impact Grant. Words cannot express how grateful we are! Not only did we learn about OI, receive medical consultations, learn how to heal our hearts from our social worker encounter when Lucia broke for the first time at 7 1/2 months old, but we also gained friendships that will last a lifetime.

Both my daughter and I have Type 1. I felt so alone before attending the conference with our OI diagnosis. I always felt my breaks in the past were from me being clumsy and falling wrong but once my daughter had her first break, we had to learn all we could about this invisible disease.

Now we are involved with online parent groups, we receive updates from the OI Foundation on research, facebook posts, and are now connected with medical facilities and doctors to help both of us with our future! We do not feel alone anymore, we have found a commmunity we belong to! I can’t say enough kind words for everyone in the OI Community, they are the sweetest, most helpful, and strongest people in the world.

I would especially like to thank Martha Birdwhistell for being there for us! She ushered us into the OI Community with true compassion and made our first OI Conference incredible!

How has the Impact Grant helped our family? 

It is beyond expressed words but felt entirely through our hearts!

Thanks to Everyone!

Regina, Alfredo, Gabriel, and Lucia Ramirez


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