Conference Attendee

By David

Patrick James picture

I am writing to thank you for the financial assistance which allowed my son, Patrick L. JAMES, my daughter Destiny and my self to attend this years OIF Conference in Indianapolis. We had a wonderful time and could have not done so with out the approval of the Impact Grant. My son, Patrick age 27years old was born with very severe Osteogenesis Imperfecta. He is nearly bedridden due to OI and related chronic health issues. Patrick was born prior to the treatment of Bisphosphanates. Today new babies benefit by this and the latest breakthroughs in Research. We were so fortunate to be able to attend this Conference, to have one on one Medical Consults with the World’s Leading  Doctor’s in “OI”. What a privilege it was to be there. We reconnected with our OI Families and friends. It was truly amazing… Our OI Community is so supportive and loving. The workshops and educational groups were exceptional. Making and meeting new friends was a highlight of Patrick’s trip , my daughter, Destiny’s, as was mine. To meet others with the same rare bone disorder and share life experiences could only happen there. It had been ten years since I last was able to attend a Nat’l OIF Conf., and to bring my son, Patrick L. James to  an OIF Conf. Without the financial assistance of the Impact Grant, this would not have been possible. On behalf of my son, Patrick L . James, my daughter , Destiny and myself, I would like to thank you and those that helped make our trip possibly. A special thank you to Jessica Finkel at the OIF for her wonderful help, our many phone conversation, listening, planning and making this trip a reality. Once again, “Thank You to Everyone involved!”


Lorraine C. Dellasanta