Accessible Van

By David

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Dear OIF & CBBF,

May the 30th was the best and also the day my life changed forever. I received the most amazing gift someone in my condition (type 3 OI) could ever receive and it was my Handicap Van that was bought with an Impact Grant.

It’s truly a blessing to be a recipient and It allows me to be independent and successfully gain my desired education and degree as a Computer Technician. Before my blessing I was stranded at home and wasn’t able to get out and enjoy life and be a twenty three year old that has major goals and dreams that can now be fulfilled thanks to y’all’s amazing and generous foundation’s.

The gift of freedom is unexplainable in words an how grateful I am and how weird it is to be able to just go roll in my van and go anywhere I want whenever I want makes me ecstatic. We don’t even have public transportation in my city and was not even able to go to my doctor appointments or even hang with friends whenever I wanted and now I’m able thanks to you!

Thank you so much OIF (Especially Jessica Finkel) & CBBF for awarding me with the impact grant, you truly blessed me and God Bless You All!

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